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1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

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Gallus company is founded in 1991. The main goal of its founders is to use the accumulated scientific and academic potential for consulting and practical solutions to complex industrial problems. Gallus activity is related to research, analysis, design, implementation, management and optimization of business, information and technological processes.

Our mission is to provide all engineering aspects of industrial control and information management, including preliminary studies, design, implementation, process optimization and control, technical evaluation of equipment. We focus on innovative solutions based on the best available technologies and established global practices.

Gallus is a unit in a wide network of experts and companies with common motivations and goals. This is our Expert Affiliate Platform. We cooperate with partners from Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other countries. Through our contacts, we are able to cover a wide range of activities, which makes us a project-oriented company.

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Advisory services
•Business planning - preliminary studies and analyses, preparation of business plans and investment projects; rehabilitation and planned restoration programs, risk assessment
•Technical consultations - equipment selection and evaluation, material and energy balances, resources and costs assessment
•Conceptual and technical design
•Consultations on the best available technologies and established global practices
•ESG (Ecological, Social and Governance) practices
•Preparation of engineering and financial reports, EIA reports, technical assessments, etc.

Project management
•Resource planning and time schedules
•Dynamic project management
•Documentation management
•Investor supervision

Industrial automation, communications and electrical equipment
•Preliminary research and of management systems analysis
•Design, implementation and maintenance of technological process control systems (DCS and SCADA)
•Optimization of technological processes, aggregates and overall productions
•Industrial communications, remote data transmission and control
•Preparation of technical requirements, selection and evaluation of automation equipment
•Development of software and management algorithms
•Energy monitoring and energy management systems